Launched 2016, we are a fun-loving, passionate group of quality silicone wedding ring makers. The highest quality materials were used during the production and covered with the loyalty, love and love of two people. Therefore, the ring itself was built to last almost forever. Our first goal is to provide a first class service to our customers and to bring you the best rings.

When you look at the ring on your finger, don’t think it’s just a simple ring. Let that ring remind you of the love you give to your partner and the strength and courage you receive in return. The support we receive from our loved ones is the most important support that leads us to success in life.

We, as the Dookeh family, will continue to produce always the best with the support we receive from our valued customers. That’s what makes us Dookeh.

Now we invite you to be a part of our family and have a nice day wearing these wonderful rings…

Our customer service

We want you to be happy during the time you use our product. Your happiness for having your Dookeh ring is very important to us. Therefore you can send us an inquiry or feedback 24 hours a day. We will endeavor to respond in time and solve the problem that may arise. You’re in trusted hands!